Our Experience at NRF Protect Show

On June 11 the Davinci had the pleasure to exhibit at the NRF Protect show in Dallas Texas. They had the chance to show off the anti-sweeping version of Acutrack to the world. They had the chance to meet so many other amazing companies there as well! everything from camera face recognition systems to brand new ways to lock inventory up electronically.

What was amazing to see was how Acutrack could supplement those current systems in place. We are amazed by the amount of interest we received for not only retailers, but companies working hard to prevent theft in retail stores and protect the employees and customers of those stores.

What really separated Acutrack from the other products at the show was that Acutrack is affordable for any retailers while cameras with facial recognition is great, some stores can't afford that or need it. Acutrack is something any store with peg hooks can use and the attendees at NRF Protect noticed that! This just proved that Acutrack really is the next generation of retailing solutions!


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