Meeting Seeonic's CMO: Harley Feldman

On June 6th, DaVinci Industries Marketing Director, Salvador Alvarez, and Sales Representative, Alexander Berhe traveled to Plymouth, Minnesota to speak with the CMO of Seeonic, Harley Feldman

Seeonic is a technology company that promises to revolutionize the retail industry in a way that will save many companies millions of dollars through revolutionary inventory tracking technology. Seeonic offers unmatched inventory tracking technologies, featuring a shared tech-trait with Acutrack: RFID. According to Seeonic, "Our cloud-based platform offers users a suite of tools and insights to optimize replenishment practices and improve decision-making with regards to your supply chain." Meaning that retail stores around the world will save millions of dollars!

What did we learn from this encounter? First, one must always be willing to learn and collaborate, rather than compete and establish rivalries. Second, two brilliant ideas can mean greater opportunities. Three, DaVinci Industries will soon bring the meaning behind their vision into a reality. We are DaVinci Industries, and we truly are the next generation of retailing solutions!


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