What is DaVinci Industries?

DaVinci Industries was founded in 2017 based upon a need for merchandise display innovations in the retail industry. The company’s focus is to provide retail stores with dynamic merchandise display systems. This will accomplish labor reduction costs, visual alert indicators, and RFID inventory controls at the pegged merchandise level. 

Our Mission

Retailers and big brands alike all have problems when it comes to inventory monitoring and management. Keeping track of current inventory levels, especially storefronts, costs companies millions of dollars each year.  Despite high-tech POS systems and trained employees working countless hours to accurately track inventory, the reality is that on average only 63% of inventory is accurately tracked in medium to large retail stores.  Davinci’s technological advancements and proprietary systems aim to raise that number to 95%.

Our Product & Target Market


Acutrack’s mechanical belt system is designed to remove the costs of manually facing products every year. AcuTrack puts the store facing into the hands of their customers. AcuTrack is perfect for retail companies of every size. In January 2019, DaVinci released for production it's 9-inch, mechanical, front-facing Acutrack.   Samples available upon request.

Acutrack is designed to incorporate wireless communications which will provide live storefront real-time inventory. This communication can even be done with passive RFID technology, not requiring power in Acutrack. This will allow companies to track inventory held on each Acutrack hook by the minute.

Our Vision

In the large and competitive retail merchandising industry, DaVinci sees a tremendous fit in the market for its new, exciting and dynamic merchandising products. Merchandising and display products of the past are boring, static and do not provide any innovation, technological benefit or eye-catching aesthetics to the retailer, brand or the consumer. DaVinci’s goal is to design, manufacture and distribute its innovative retail merchandising products and systems worldwide. DaVinci Industries want to help main street retailers by providing them with products that can help them become more competitive with e-commerce companies. In a time where retail is changing more than ever Davinci Industries wants to be there to help protect the brick and mortar retailers and make lives easier for the retailers.


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